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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  December 12, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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home health aide and had recently opened her home to a female colleague and her boyfriend. >> he was being rude to her. and so she threw him out and then supposedly they were sleeping in the truck. where, i don't know. and she felt sorry and let them back in. >> reporter: police say one of two persons of interest led them to her body in this patch of woods right off of route 73 near several busy shopping centers. >> it's strange for them to think that this is a remote area because, i mean, you have a shopping center, you have the other shopping center over here. >> reporter: crime scene investigators carried out a warrant at johnson's home this afternoon. a close friend and neighbor who didn't want to show her face says johnson was so happy when her grandchildren visited for thanksgiving. >> she didn't deserve to go to her maker this way. not at all. she'll be missed. she was a good person.
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she was a good hearted person. >> reporter: police are also telling us that they believe johnson was in fact beaten inside her home and then at some point later she was taken to that location, her body dumped in burlington county. police still trying to piece all of it together. we just found out at least one person could be charged within the hour. we'll bring it to you just as soon as we know. cydney long, nbc 10 news. a lot of cars need cleaning now that the the nor'easter is gone and the sun is back. a beautiful day after our very much of wet and gloomy weather. let's talk about the night ahead for those heading out to dinner or to get their shopping done. >> sheena parveen has the evening planner for us. >> yes, we will be seeing more improvements as we go through tonight and even tomorrow. big area of low pressure, that
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nor'easter we've been watching is up around maine, but at least a lot of the moisture locally is leaving. so we are drying out. the nor'easter slowly giving us improving conditions. mid-30s right now, 39 philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. temperatures already in the upper 30s. so it will still be a cold night tonight as you head out. if you have friday night plans, we will be in about the mid to upper 30s by 6:00. a little breezy out. by 10:00, still in about the mid to low 30s for much of the area. and as you wake up tomorrow morning to start your weekend, some spots will once again be in the 20s. but coming up, i'll show you how cold it will gets a we go overnight tonight and of course your weekend forecast is straight ahead. remembering firefighter joyce craig. friends, family and fellow fighters will say farewell to the first female firefighter to die in the line of tut in philadelphia. this is outside the bachelor brothers funeral home in east oak lane. as you can see there, mourners
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are beginning to arrive to pay their respects. men and women in uniform looining the way. we expect a large crowd here tonight for the first of two scheduled viewings. more than 2100 members of the philadelphia firefighter department alone including those of engine 64. she was a decorated 11 year veteran of the department with two children and a passion for her job. one of only 150 women serving in the philadelphia fire department. she tied tuesday battling a fire, trying to rescue an elderly woman from the basement. investigators say when her crew was pulled out, she somehow got trapped and craig did not make it out alive. the viewings are tonight and saturday morning at bachelor brothers funeral home on broad street in east oak lane. craig's funeral is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at the same location. governor corbett ordered flags to be flown at half-staff in her honor. nbc 10 is learning new
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information about the man believed to be behind a series of attacks against local college students. >> nbc 10 was at the scene of latest assault just last night. deanna durante is live this afternoon. >> tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: we've learned police are looking at the 55-year-old suspect in at least five attacks. those include a robbery that happened near the university of pennsylvania campus and in-deez septemb decent and sexual assault. the suspect is in a holding cell awaiting additional charges. >> just trolling looking for women walking by themselves. >> reporter: a 38-year-old woman had just received an alert from the university before she left work and it was minutes later she was dragged through an alley, beaten and robbed. >> took 11 staples to her head. >> reporter: james barrett is also responsibility for two assaults of drexel students earlier in the afternoon. tonight university surveillance video links barrett to those
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assaults as well as attacks earlier in the week and a robbery that occurred saturday. >> it's fairly safe. like i never felt uncomfortable washingtoni ing walking around here. so it was pretty shocking. >> reporter: on both campuses, classes are wrapping up for the year and police say students now are focused on finals and the alerts that they receive help them understand the danger that was out there. >> it's scary knowing two blocks away from my home is a stabbing and stuff. so travel in packs definitely is my hot toe here. >> reporter: now, again, 55-year-old james barrett, we're told he's expected to go before a judge and police are in the act of executing additional warrants in the case. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. from the delaware bureau today, a medical marijuana clinic intends to open in
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wilmington early next year. here is the plan for the clinic. set to open january 17. it will charge a $200 yearly fee giving patients access to a cannabis consultant. the fee also includes an appointment with a doctor and six month follow-up visit. the clinic intends to set up shop next to a dispensary due to open in april. excitement is building as we approach a sunday night showdown featuring our eagles and the cowboys. >> long time rivals will square off sunday evening at the lync. winner walks away with sole possession of first place in the division. >> randy, you're not at the lync because there is other pregame fun that rolled in? >> reporter: yeah, big sunday night football bus has roll fld to town. this is the thing that follows nbc broadcasts every sunday at croc the country and you can see this weekend, week 15, it is
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here in philadelphia for the big rivalry, eagles of course s s v. it's in university city parked at the ronald mcdonald house to give eagles fans who are also staying here a chance to have some fun. this is a big sunday night football bus and we'll walk inside. we have some families already here posing with swoop. hey, guys. go eagles, right? we have a patriots hat. that's okay. so the big highlight of the bus for these kids posing with swoop is also the vince lombardi trophy which is on display here in philadelphia. eagles fans hoping this will stay put. we have swoop here, all the families, a big game ahead for us here. and we just talked to the director of the ronald mcdonald house who says football and families go hand in hand. take a listen. >> i don't think you can put into words how much football families and holidays go
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together. it's really about the kids. we say that, but we mean that. and philadelphia a lot of things are first in philly. first ronald mcdone eald house now in 350 countries. >> reporter: and for the families staying at the ronald mcdonald house, this is a nice break for them to hang out with swoop and the eagles. and you're from the poconos, right? >> yes. >> tell me what if means for you to stay here and have events like this. i you know you're a big football family. >> it just means that it's more of a vacation rather than we have to go to the hospital, another visit. it takes the investigation off of it. it's a fun night to come out when you've been at the hospital for a long day of either doctor visits or just visiting your child that has been in the hospital. in and it is a big eagles game. >> yes, very big game. >> both teams tied at 9-4, winner will take first place in the nfc east. we'll be
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couple hours as the kids play. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 is your place for the sunday night showdown. football night in america starts at 7:00 a.m.. kickoff at 8:20. and of iter t after the game, player interviews and reaction. all sunday fight right here on nbc 10. other news now, president obama will visit new jersey next week. he's heading to lake hurst to thank troops and their families. the military base is home to more than 38,000 active duty reserve and guard members as well as civilian workers and family members. the son of a philadelphia congressman will represent himself as he faces federal fraud charges. he's under indictment for allegedly misusing federal education contracts and loans to pay personal expenses. a conviction could send him to prison for years. nbc 10's harry hairston was this
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court today for the proceedings. and the junk stroongly warned about the risks of representing himself? >> yes. the judge said, listen, you don't know what you're talking about, you don't know what the whole law is all about. and also, i talked to a former federal prosecutor. he said the same thing. that he believes he has a good idea of how federal criminal procedures work, but he really doesn't enknow what he doesn't know. he came to me moments after the judge granted his motion to act as his own lawyer in his upcoming federal fraud case. >> i'm happy that the court allowed me the opportunity to represent myself in this matter. >> reporter: during the 20 minute hearing, the judge said, i strongly urge you not to represent yourself. but fatah insists he doesn't want to use his two court appointed attorneys. fatah came to our studios yesterday. i asked him about his decision. let's talk about the lawyers that you have now and what fr
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what i've gathered, very competent lawyers and strong lawyers. why not use them. >> we have a difference in opinion regarding strategy. that's all i can say about it. >> reporter: the judge also asked fatah to consider trained court appointed attorneys know more about the law than he does. he also asked about his educational back ground. i also asked him those questions. do you have a college degree? >> no. >> reporter: therefore, do you have a law degree? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: have you gone to law school at all? >> no. >> reporter: then why would you think that your strategy is superior to theirs? >> because i'm confident i know what i'm talking. >> reporter: earlier this week, fatah did file a motion trying to get his case dismisseded. coming you up at 5:00, i'm going to have a former federal
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prosecutor weigh in on that motion fatah filed and he'll tell me exactly what he thinks this is going to show about fatah being able to represent himself or not. harry harrison, nbc 10 news. and he's the son of a congressman, married to rene e a chenault fatah. and in portland, oregon there has been a shooting at a high school. three people have been injured and taken to the hospital. they are believed to be high school age, but we have no word on their condition p we'll continue to watch this story. again, a shooting at a high school in portland, oregon. three people hospitalized right now. well, good news. we have improvements in the forecast, the nor'easter we've been watching for the past few days finally moving away. we're finally seeing more of the clouds breaking through the area. still a little bit of sunshine today. still those clouds around, but
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at least we are staying drier. drier for the weekend and dry across both saturday and sunday. which is great news especially if you're heading to the eagles game this sunday which by the way will be right here on nbc 10. so i do have that forecast for you coming p. here is a live look at center city. we still do have overcast conditions, but we have been seeing the clouds thinning out today, improving conditions. this will continue tonight to 39 degrees in philadelphia. winds are still breezy near 15 plir miles per hour. feeling closer to 31 when you factor in the wind. north and west, mid-30s. allentown, 38. 20s still in the poconos. 38 in mt. holly. and for south jersey and delaware, temperatures right near 40 degrees. the numbers will continue dropping down and some areas will be in the 20s tomorrow morning. so for your saturday morning, expect 20s through the lehigh valley, 25 in allentown, 26 reading, 27 in quakertown.
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trenton 29, doylestown upper 20s. northeast philly right near 30 degrees. closer to the shore, freezing tomorrow morning. 27 vineland, 29 for the morning low this dover. and around philadelphia, westchester, wilmington, temperatures here will be right around 30 degrees. so everyone will be below freezing tomorrow morning. here is the big area of low pressure, that is the nor'easter that we have been watching. it's still spinning around maine. but either way, it is starting to take a lot of the cloud cover with it. now, we still do with have the cloud cover, but we have seen a little more in the way of breaks today. so we've seen a little bit of our share of sunshine. and this will continue as we go into part of the weekend. here is future weather and we do stay dry as we go through tonight. so if you have friday night plan, you won't need the umbrella. and then saturday, we're still going to be dry. some of these clouds will still be here through the day saturday. but then we go into saturday night and we will still be on the dry side. so for tomorrow, temperatures
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will be rebounding in the afternoon after a cold start to the day. trenton coming in for a high of 41. mt. holly mid-40s. along the shore. inland areas around new jersey, will mid to low 40s and around philadelphia, temperature here will be around the low 40s. tonight partly cloudy and cold. 30 for the low, philadelphia 26. areas north and west. and then tomorrow clouds away, some sunshine. still koud, though, temperatures still around the low 40s. and then we go into sunday, not as cold, high temperatures here will be around 50 degrees and it will look pretty good for the eagles game. this won't be until about 8:30 tomorrow night. temperatures around the low 40s by the start of the game. but at least it stays drive through the game and by the fourth quarter, temperatures will be in the 30s if you're in the stands there. then as we go into mop, we're in the monday, we're in the mid-50s. next chance of rain on tuesday. more breaking news. there is a smoky condition
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reported in new york city at the museum of natural history. reports are just coming into us. we understand there are reports of a fire on the fourth floor of the museum. and the museum we are told has been evacuated. there is the front entrance on the west side of manhattan. and you see people congregating on the steps. certainly not a large crowd there, but we understand the museum has been evacuated after reports of a smoky condition at the very least on the fourth floor of that museum. we'll continue to watch this developing story and bring you updates as we get them from manhattan. let's change directions. they hit all the right notes and now they can claim first place. >> today nbc 10 brings you the number one group in the more fm christmas choir competition. >> this is for the kindergarten through eighth grade division.
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this is the choir. ♪ ♪ ♪
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all new at the 5:00, the nest stop for the group that will put them on a bigger stage with famous local performers. plus the high tech investment they plan to make with that prize money. all tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00. but the music doesn't stop there. >> next week, the high school winners. don't miss it. it's next week right here on nbc 10 news. and we have this breaking news out of the financial markets in new york. the dow has dropped 315 points or 1.8% closing at 17,280. it is the worst week for the dow
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for 2014. traders were disappointed apparently friday by another slump in the price of oil as well as more signs of weakness in china. back to the breaking news we were telling you about, the oregon shooting. it was outside a school here. this is possibly gang related we're being told. three victims in the school shooting in portland, oregon. but all three victims reported to be conscious. so that is good news. we will stay on top of this story out of portland, oregon and bring you the latest as soon as we get new information. mayor nutter's new address to philadelphia police. his message to the department's bad apples. and a new study shows impressive results in the fight against breast cancer. the drug health officials can protect young women from the disease. coming up on nbc 10 news today at 4:00.
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a you new have i maker pleaded guilty to ripping off her famous employer. she gave a credit card to cover household expenses, but cody admitted to using to herself. police say she cracked up some $15,000 on the card for personal items. cody could get up to 7 years in prison. she will be sentenced in february. pearcing your pet could lead to jail time in new jersey. a committee yesterday approved the bill. owners who give the pet a needless tattoo would face animal cruelty charges. the bill's sponsor says he saw a dog tattooed with a mets logo. the exception is for v
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veterinarivet na veterinarian procedures. a bankruptcy court judge has voided the proposed sale of the property to a canadian firm brookfield asset management won a court auction for the old casino, but it couldn't resolve a fight with bond owners and backed out of the deal. rebel wants the court to let the runner up buy the property. a hearing will be held january 5. meantime the numbers for the first year of internet gambling in new jersey show a rough start. they're far short of the billion dollar market the governor predicted. $13 million the first year. brick and mortar casino winnings cashed in at $202.5 million in november. down $23 million from last year. to a murder mystery in south jersey. >> that is our top story on nbc 10 you news take at 4:00. 59-year-old susan johnson was last seen at her home in gloucester township last friday.
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police have two persons of interest and they say one of them led them to her body. also killer consequences. nbc 10 with new data about the deadly impact the super storm sandy, more than two years later. and a nagging nor'easter finally moving away after bothering us all week. i'll let you know what is in store for your weekend. and coming up at 5:00, the psychedelic find inside queen elizabeth's royal garden.
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i can't breathe!
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>> protesters in camden staged a "die-in" over the grand jury decision in ferguson and new york city. demonstrators say they are not against the cal demden police department, but in support of good policing. with tensions high, they are reexamining police procedures. >> mayor nutter has a video message for the men and women in blue before they hit the streets. lu ann cahn is live at police headquarters. >> and you watched the video and you talked to newly minted officers who just graduated the police academy. how is the mayor's message being received? >> reporter: so far it's being received well. in the message, the mayor says there is a trust gap between the police and the public. and they need it work to close it. and that message is being heard loud and clear by new officers and all of the officers. >> i present -- >> reporter: a day of pride for
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the families of 39 brand new philadelphia police officers. >> and i know she will do an outstanding job. >> reporter: a day of high ideals. >> we have a really good group of guys. i feel like re wiwe work well. >> reporter: but in these volatile days, mayor michael nutter is requiring all officers to listen to an 8 minute recorded message. >> my strong sense is that people are not against policing. they're against bad policing. >> reporter: the mayor is on the new federal task force to review police policy and training. >> abusive, oppressive, prejudice al, or unprofessional policing cannot and will not be ever tolerated in philadelphia. it really has no place in american law enforcement. >> it's an important message to let them know as long and he
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they're did go their job in the proper way, he stands behind them. >> reporter: the mayor says he's proud of philadelphia police officers and knows how difficult and dangerous their jobs are. >> you have one of the tougherest and most dangerous jobs in america. i urge you to depend upon your great training and best judgment. >> reporter: every new officer here believes they're ready to do that. >> he's the boss, but like he said, there really is no reason for excessive force. >> reporter: the mayor's video is being played at police roll calls to make sure that every officer hears the message. lu ann cahn, hbs nbc 10 news. a father and daughter face charges of impersonating a police officer. holly and william wood were pulled over yesterday morning. say t police say the daughter said she was a chester county police officer and holly was wanted on a warrant for impersonating an
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officer. william wood also had a warrant out for his arrest. both were taken into custody. the suspect in a carjacking and chase across three states will be extaradited to new jersey. it all started yesterday. trent tally went up to the driver of a medical transport vehicle and asked the man, quote, do you want to die today. he forced the driver out and sped off. he headed to 295 and then the new jersey turnpike with officers hot on his trail. tally escaped into delaware and then kept going this to maryland. state police there used stop sticks and rolling road block. he was taken into custody with dozens of police cars surrounding his stolen vehicle. his bail was set at $200,000. tally will face charges in the other states and then be extradite aed to new jersey. the trails are muddy, but at least it's not raining or snowing on these runners.
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it is, though, still chilly. but not freezing out there. >> sheena parveen back now with the forecast. how is it looking? >> rene is always looking at the bright side. at least it's not freezing, not snowing. it's actually looking a little better. we're seeing improvements now. the nor'easter that has been bothering us all week long, it's still in maine. it is still hanging around new england. the only thing is now it has a lot legs moisture. snow is staying up to our authority. we're starting to seat cloud ss breaking. so we will gradually see improvements as we go into the weekend. if you have friday night plan, it will be cold. in the 30s. 39 philadelphia. but some areas tomorrow morning will be in the 20s again to start off your weekend. a bit of warmer weather starts to move in before it's over. i'll show you that forecast dock
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up. the bear hunt ends tomorrow in new jersey. 25 bears were killed on the fourth day of this annual hunt. that brings a total number to 189 killed. most of the bears were shot in sussex and warren counties. wildlife officials supported the hunt after a bear killed a student in september. opponents say this hunt is not effective. well today, a breast cancer breakthrough. >> the findings that prove something can extend a patient's life for decades. but first, here's what we're work on for you at the 5:00. >> we just told you about the suspect charged with attacking student this is university city. now you new at 5:00, we're asking how many attacks he's really tied to. plus video evidence authorities say is helping their case.
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♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!!
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it wasn't enough for local students to collect thousands of toys for disadvantaged kids. watch what they did next. they created a human conveyor belt to get the toys safely into the hands of wait marines. more than 1,000 kids helped pass the toys to the storage room.line of hands stretched
4:39 pm
throughout the school's hallways. talk about teamwork. way to go. >> christmas comes early for some philadelphia children. 50 kids from kensington were part of the warm gesture program. the clothing retailers gave more than 300 kids across the country a chance to shop at its stores. they had a little help from the workers finding that perfect gift. >> i knew it would be really special, but once i got here and i really realized how much they need it, i think it means so much to get a jacket that they weren't nothing to getcustomere the store matched everything 100%. toyota tundras? look at this convoy. nearly 75 trucks arriving just before noon today. filled to the brim with food. when the trucks arrive with
4:40 pm
their precious cargo, more volunteers were there to unload the food. nearly a million people in the delaware valley face hunger every day. more than 62 tons of food was donated by tri-state toyota dealers and their partners. 79% more than was collected last year. >> we feed about 75,000 people a week. so this is 125,000 meals. so just shy of two weeks. but part of what we're trying to do is inspire people to recognize that whether they see it as a responsibility or just the right thing to do, these people are hungry all the time. you need to get involved. you can't just sort of walk past it and think that the other guy will take care of it. every once in a while in life you are the other guy. >> and the eagles and phillies mascots were also there to welcome the toyota trucks as they arrived. big effort there today. the deadly impact of super storm sandy on the region two years later.
4:41 pm
>> nbc 10 shows you the new finding just out. also race to the rescue as an n epic storm battles the west coast. and the sun returned a bit today after a stubborn nor'easter hung around. i'll let you know if the sun will shine on your weekend. and at 5:00, know before you shop. what the state wants you to know before you buy anything.
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we're heading in to a big football weekend, eagle s vers dallas. >> and it's all hands on desk for com past sports net. >> danny. >> oh, baby, the weekend is here and that means eagles and cowboys just days away.
4:45 pm
first place in the nfc east on the line. mark sanchez, eagles fans hoping to see the thanksgiving version. the qb is anxious to play in a game with such high stakes. >> it's 1-1 in the middle of second inning. knock says that. everybody says bottom of the ninth, pull count, bases loaded. so that's when you want the ball in your hands. i'm just blessed and excited about getting that opportunity. >> much more to come at 5:00. we'll hear from the eagles defense while facing a different version of tony romo than they saw on thanksgiving. but for now, back to you. nbc 10 your place for the sunday night showdown. the eagles versus the cowboys
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live at the linc. kickoff at 8:20. and of it tafter the game, play interviews and reaction. all here on nbc 10. well, still a cold day to end out the week, but at least we have starting to see improvements. the nor'easter for us the moisture is going away. clouds are breaking. a little sunshine today. those clouds will continue to break as we know into the week he said. finally we have a dry stretch of weather coming just in time for the eagles xwa s game. here is a live look at somewhere city. there you see the clouds thinning. breaking a bit. you can tell in this image as the sun is about to set. it's still cold outside, though.
4:47 pm
and winds are still a little breezy, too. so it feels about maybe 5 to 7 degrees colder than it actually is. actual temperature, 36 allentown, 36 pottstown, 39 philadelphia, 35 in trenton. still happening in the upper 30s in many places. so if you have friday night plans, we will be staying dry tonight. but it will be on the cold side. so there you see it, there is the nor oos ter. it is moving through much of new england, but there is really not too much moisture with it. any snow is really sitting to our north. we don't expect it as we go through tonight. wouldn't be surprised if the poconos saw a few flurries. otherwise clouds will be around. so big improvements from the past few days. future weather shows us staying dry friday night. so if you have friday night
4:48 pm
plans, everything looks pretty good. then for saturday, we'll still see dry conditions. more clouds, though, start to move in as we go through the day saturday. we couldn't expect any rain or anything with these clouds. with you th but then we go into sunday and it continues to improve. so a lot of sunshine going into sunday's forecast lead to go clear skies as we foe into sunday night. for the eagles game, mid-40s. fourth quarter, we're dropping down to the 30s. but if you're tailgating, it will be dry forring outside. so tonight 30. tomorrow afternoon, clouds will be around. some sunshine here and there, but it will still be a cold start to your weekend. 40 to 43 through the afternoon. so still kind of chilly for those high temperatures. and then we go into sunday, more sunshine, highs around 50 degrees. not as cold, so it will feel comfortable.
4:49 pm
monday, very nmild 53. it will feel a lot better than compared to what we've seen the past few days. and then the numbers stay in pretty of the mid-40s for next week. the morning lows will be on the chilly side, but at least we don't have a lot of snow in next week's forecast. >> terrific. thanks. this is something you want to take a look. a daring rescue. los angeles river raging because of heavy rain. firefighters worked pull a man from the middle of river. they used a rescue boat and a lot of rope to get the man back to the bank and on to a trecher. he is going to be okay. mudslides also a big problem in southern california forcing recent departments to evacuate homes. last year a wildfire wiped out a lot of the trees and bushes that were holding back the rocks. a mandatory evacuation was ordered for 124 homes. some people needed help getting
4:50 pm
out because their property was so badly damaged. well, today hope for so many women at risk for breast cancer. >> the new scientific finding that may prove to a be a real lifesaver. and all new tonight at 5:00, from the big dig to the big pour. how 16 million pounds of concrete will help cement the future of philadelphia's skyline.
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courage and determination leads to success. that's the message behind this event. about 120 high school seniors
4:54 pm
marched to the post office this morning to mail their college applications. and then they had a meal to celebrate the whole hingthing. most are the first in their family to apply to college. >> i didn't want to go to my classes and sometimes country wai didn't want to show up, but i tried to keep going. the payoff is huge in the end when you make choices that are healthy for you. and you deserve that. >> the capital one college march started in new york city three years ago. this year it expanded to more than 1300 seniors from 19 high schools across the country. good luck to them. today the first step toward doubling enrollment in a local business school got under way. jersey's rowan university broke ground on a new building in glassboro. plans include a four story building for the college of business and new digs allow the school to booth enrollment by 1,000 students. state of new jersey kicked in
4:55 pm
$46 million for the project. rowan's building believes it will benefit the surrounding community. >> it will generate many, many construction jobs for the people who build the facility. therefore being part of the economic engine, helping lift the community while we grow as an institution. >> $40 million more in state money will pay for a new building for rowan college of engineering, as well. brand new research could benefit women at risk for breast cancer. scientists say the drug may offer protection for as long as 20 years. the drug only works against hormone sensitive cancers. doctors say women especially younger women with known risk factors may want to consider taking tamoxifen. a new study reveals super storm sandy harmed the health of
4:56 pm
local residents. there was a 22% increase in heart the attacks and 31% higher death rate within a month of the storm. researchers who worked on the studied believe blocked roads stopped some people from getting medical attention and evacuated residents often left the area without taking their medication. the results of the study could help hospitals prepare for future weather disasters. now to nbc 10 you news at 5:00. >> next all new at 5:00, hugh details about why a teenager allegedly killed his own fatherr allegedly killed his own father. autopsy results are in. and we're seeing big improvements with our weather. we'll continue to see improvements as the nor'easter continues to move away. and your weekend forecast coming up. and casino lawsuit. why atlantic city gold nugget may roll the dies in court against the state of new jersey's bailout plan. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we begin with breaking news. the vine street expressway eastbound is backed up for the entire length from the ben franklin bridge all the way to the schuylkill expressway all because of an accident. you're looking live. you can see the cars stacked up by the hundreds. it's not clear how many vehicles are involved in the accident or if anyone is hurt. but if you're headed into center city philadelphia, expect
5:00 pm
delays. meanwhile right now on nbc 10 news at 5:00, gathering to remember a fallen hero. firefighters from across the country are in philadelphia tonight to honor the memory and sacrifice of joyce craig. the mother of two died in a fire earlier this week. >> she is the first woman firefighter to die in the line of duty in the city's history. a viewing will be taking place tonight. >> reporter: and that viewing doesn't start for another hour, but i can tell you that dozens of family members, firefighters and community members have already filed in to the bachelor brothers funeral home right here behind me to remember joyce craig. craig is the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty in the city of philadelphia, the mother of two died in a fire in west oak lane tuesday after helping rescue an elderly woman from the home. craig became trapped in the basement. fire officials say she hit a y mayday


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